John's Genealogy Research Service

Over 29 years of experience


**Please note: For privacy purposes, I only research ancestors and cannot help you find living relatives unless you are a probate lawyer doing an heir search.**

About Me

My Name is John Bedard. I live in western Massachusetts. My family history research started as a personal hobby and has grown over the years. Now I enjoy trying to help others climb their own family trees. Below is more information.


29 years of genealogical research experience.
Some experience with forensic genealogical research (finding living heirs, etc.)
Association of Professional Genealogists (member)
National Genealogical Society (member)
New England Historic Genealogical Society (member)
Connecticut Society of Genealogists (Former Board member and guest speaker)
Massachusetts Genealogical Council (committee member)
International Society of Genetic Genealogy (member)
I have also attended a variety of seminars/classes on genealogy.


Springfield Technical Community College
Business Administration and Management courses.

Independent Coursework;

New England Regional Genealogical Conference (every 2 years)
Massachusetts Genealogical Council Annual Seminar
New England Historic Genealogical Society Annual Family History Day


I have given a talk for the Connecticut Society of Genealogists on researching in upstate New York. One of the more difficult states to do research in.

I am also a professional photographer with over 35 years of experience. If you have something in Berkshire County, Massachusetts I can take pictures of it for an additional $25 which covers my gas, mileage, etc. which compared to my normal service rate is a big bargain. I can take pictures of other areas of Massachusetts but anything outside of Berkshire County I have to charge expenses plus mileage at 54 cents per mile, the standard rate put forth by the IRS. This sort of thing can be discussed either by phone or email ahead of time.