Research Fees


PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY! If you still have questions I'll be happy to try to answer them either by email or phone. Go to the contact page for contact information.

FIRST, we need to define your research problem and the size of the project.
You present a genealogical problem to me that needs solving. Together we define and set a time limit for the initial research and subsequent phases if any. Each project is different and will need customization so please email me with any questions or concerns. At some point I will most likely want to call you by phone to discuss everything. It will then be up to you how much time you wish me to spend on the project. You can do a large project in steps or do it all at once. Choice is yours.

I charge an hourly rate of $15 per hour plus expenses including travel beyond my local area if needed. I have a minimum requirement of 5 hours ($75). I do give discounts for 10 hours or more. Rush jobs will incur a higher hourly rate. If your project looks like it will be involving more than 10 hours of research, I will ask you to sign a contract. For any project of 10 hours or more I require a retainer for one-half of the contracted hours. Research begins upon my receipt of the signed contract, deposit, and all relevant documentation that you provide with enough information to give me a starting point. All information is released upon final payment.

Mileage is charged at the current IRS allowable rate of .58 cents per mile. Incidental expenses such as tolls, parking, copy, postage and repository research fees are billed at cost. Total expenses not to exceed $100. If I anticipate that expenses may exceed this $100 maximum, I shall notify Client in writing and obtain his/her agreement, also in writing, to the reimbursement of additional expenses.

If you choose to do your whole tree at once, I charge a flat fee of $1600.00 for a full family tree. 50% up front ($800.00), unless we have discussed otherwise. I am also willing to break this into 2 stages at $800 per stage. Again 50% deposit ($400).

***NO TIME LIMIT!*** Meaning, I'll keep working until I feel there is nothing left to find (usually takes about 2 months but could be longer depending on the tree)

This project means, I will do everything I can to fill out your entire family tree by tracing as many ancestors on as many branches as possible back to at least 10 generations "from the client".
There might be some branches that can be traced back that far, and there are other branches where the trail simply ends after a few generations. This is normal for many family trees.
However, I will do my best to flesh out as much as possible. NOTE: if in my research I discover a line that might lead to something of interest (example: Mayflower passenger), then I will draw that line out beyond 10 generations.

Client shall also reimburse Genealogist for the actual costs of photocopies, photographs, microfilm rental fees, postage, parking fees, and other necessary out-of-pocket expenses, provided Genealogist submits an itemized bill, and provided that the total of expenses do not exceed $100. If Genealogist anticipates that expenses may exceed this $100 maximum, he shall notify Client in writing and obtain his/her agreement, also in writing, to the reimbursement of additional expenses. Mileage outside of a 5-mile radius of Lenox, Massachusetts, is charged to the Client at the rate authorized by the IRS ( .58 cents per mile).

(I accept PayPal, postal money orders, bank checks and personal checks.
Personal checks must clear before information is released)
I'm happy to answer any questions for free before I start.


NOTE: In most cases I tend to put in some extra time beyond what was purchased. For example, if you pay for 10 hours of research, good chance I'll actually put in a little over that at no charge.

Payment Plans (Willing to discuss other payment ideas as well)